Dave Bush (owner), is a racer, a photographer, or vice versa. He is driven to win. A devoted husband and loving father of two scholarly young adults, Dave has a firm belief in “what goes around comes around”. Dave’s personal inspiration comes from the likes of Roger Penske, Ayrton Senna, and a host of leading directors. Bruce Brown hooked him in the early 70’s with his hit movie “On Any Sunday," a documentary on motorcycle racing, featuring film star Steve McQueen and other pioneers of the sport. Dave has met Bruce, and as a young teenager trained and rode mx weekly with Steve. So the story begins.

Always on the move in a signture ball cap, Dave can be found at any given track walking through the pits observing, filming, and learning about new forms of racing that may spark new innovative ideas to improve performance. This is the same fascination with racing and engineering that drove him at ten years old to tear apart his father’s lawn mower: an instance that sparked his lifelong passion for high performance and later resulted in hundreds of race wins. 

Dave first began his motor sports career at age 10, tearing up the local lakes with his 7 HP McCulloch outboard. Dave quickly developed an interest in mini bikes and go-karts. By age 12, he had a factory ride for a motorcycle company developing and racing new products, bringing a camera along for every ride. Still only 12 years old, Bush talked his way into a job working for Dick Raczuk, sweeping floors. Dick, the founder of Kerker headers, also owned the leading two-stroke engine exhaust company of the time. By age 15, Dave earned 4 National mini-bike championships. By 17, he was winning on the pro motocross scene and was shooting for motorcycle magazines.

Bush spent a total of 12 years growing with Kerker, who at the time was the World’s leader in high performance engine and exhaust systems who partnered and tested for manufacturers like Kawasaki racing. This relationship produced 5 AMA National championships and a personal FIM World Record for Dave on a 750cc road racer at 230.426 kph for 24 hours straight. Racing is where Dave learned about teamwork and its benefits.

His love and passion for race engineering grew simultaneously with his flourishing interest in photography, documenting progress, and using film media to advertise Kerker’s products. Working full time and studying biomedical engineering, Dave still managed to keep racing and filming karts and motorcycles. 

While employed by Kerker in 1985, Dave bought an outboard powered tunnel race boat. His passion for horsepower on the water was born. In one “drive,” all visions of a surgical career vanished, and motor sports coupled with filming became the new fuel for life. The last 25+ years have been dedicated to learning about, filming, and building racing vehicles. During this period, Dave has raced and filmed for numerous motorsports companies, manifesting life long relationships with industry executives and racing legends.

Currently, when not shooting pictures, Dave Bush has been actively building and racing drag boats. This has lead to hundreds of round wins and multiple world championships in consecutive decades. His love for film and racing has blossomed into a very successful motorsports film career, which keeps refueling the passion for racing. There is a good possibility that you have watched a TV commercial or two filmed by Bush Productions.