Our team strives to eliminate the headache of photo shoots. We consider ourselves the “MacGyver” team of the industry. Call us and together we can engineer a “shoot smart” production, meeting your visions from inception to reality. 

We, as artists and story tellers, strive to raise the bar higher with each and every shoot.  The bottom line in this business is  “you are only as good as your last photoshoot." Fact.

The constantly changing and adapting film industry means budgets are smaller and schedules are tighter, therefore value and efficiency need to prevail. With that being said, listed below is a summarized blue print of the measures we take to help make your production run smoothly and efficiently.

- Communication: Pre-production, communication, and organization are key to any successful endeavor. All three components are intertwined out of necessity. Seamless communication from client to agency to us is vital for success. We work with your producer to ensure that all individuals involved are kept in the know. We insist on detailed, constant communication between your creative team and ours to reach our collective goals.

- Scouting: We are confident in our scouts being the best in the business, and they are available to provide online private viewing as needed.

- Multiple Photographers & Cameramen: A, B, C, and D cameras can be used to produce more value from each set. We often have multiple sets shooting at the same time, capitalizing on ultimate efficiency. Our team is composed of veteran shooters proficient in the use of any camera format or model. Our team is awesome. We all have our specialties, and pride ourselves on being a fun and talented family.

- Still & Motion Picture: Bring it on. We are completely at home with both, and together we sync the two to save time and increase production value. There is nothing more impressive than making a stellar still image turn into motion. From a simple, still studio detail to a full-blown Hollywood TV spot, our team shines. We are skilled in the latest use of gyro stabilized suspension/gimbals on cars, boats, and helicopters/drones. We shoot formats ranging from DSLR's to Red Epic, Arri Alexa, and Phantom highspeed cameras. We thrive on the gnarly, radical stuff.

- On Location Digital Services: We offer DT on location services. Art directors are known to leave shoots with hard drives in hand.

Please give us a call so that together, we can design a production to fit your creative and financial needs. We are all about value here. Stretch your budget and undoubtedly raise the bar. This fast paced, visual world we all work in is all about team protocol and syntax.

We personally thank all our loyal clients and the phenomenally talented agency people we have learned from and worked with over the years. You all have supported our team and families, and for that, we are forever grateful.

Dave Bush and the Team